February 23, 2002

The Socket was not bound with a bind!

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I got the strangest error message last night when I was signing off. It said, and I quote: Error. Socket was not bound with a bind. WTF? Is that the Dr. Seuss error? I can just picture it:

The Socket That Was Not Bound With A Bind!

Great moons of Zeetch!
Great Oceans of Zort!
I tried to shut down,
but I came up short!
The Socket, it seems,
was not bound with a bind!
To leave a Socket unbound
is so very unkind!

Bound up that socket!
Bound it up with a bind!
Don't try to understand why,
you'll go out of your mind!

If you ignore the error,
what will soon be seen?
That great, dreaded terror,
the Big, Bad, BLUE SCREEN!

Thank you, thank you. I'll be here all week. But seriously, I swear I can hear my computer chuckling when it tosses out messages like that. Sometimes I think it makes them up just to see if I'll fall for it. One of these days it'll slip up and give me something like: Error. You must shave the Yak! and then I'll know it's just been screwing with me all along. It's been raining for over 48 hours steadily here. Aph and Woodstock are over in the corner trying to fashion an Ark out of my nightstand. Have a great day!

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