13 October 2006

Free Dog Chapman

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Duane "Dog" Chapman took a convicted serial rapist off the streets. He captured him in Mexico and did so knowing he wouldn't be able to collect the reward. He did it for the peace of mind of the victims and because he believes in our justice system. Now, because bounty hunting is illegal in Mexico, they're trying to have him extradited to face charges of depriving that piece of shit Luster of his freedom. When he was arrested and his belongings searched, it was discovered that he had a list of the names of people he intended to kill. More than one of his former victims was on that list. Dog captured and had him put behind bars where he belongs before he could commit those murders.

I know exactly what Luster stole from those women and it can never be given back. I am sickened that the Mexican government is trying to punish Dog, his son Leland and his brother Tim Chapman for doing what they and our own government were unable to do. There is a petition online to let both governments know that we will not stand for that kind of injustice. Please sign the petition. I know this isn't the best or most entertaining entry but this makes me so furious I can barely think straight let alone get my thoughts into words. Anyway, if you'd like to sign this is where you can find it: Free Dog Chapman

Okay. Getting off my soapbox now. Have a great weekend and thanks for reading.

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