10 November 2006

Fear not the mammogram!

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I apologize to my readers (all both of them! heh heh) for the few and far-between updates of late. My deadline for the book is January '07 and I've been pushing hard to meet it. If she decides to represent me and it gets published, there shall be free autographed copies galore because you guys have always encouraged me and that means a lot.

So. Onto the topic at hand! I've actually heard more brutal horror stories about what it's like to get a mammogram than what it's like to push a newborn human being out a very small bodily orifice! I started hearing the stories when I was about 17 or so and continue to hear them to this day but fortunately, I can now scoff at them. So I'm here to tell the truth.

Getting a mammogram is uncomfortable, but it is NOT the boob-in-a-vice torture device that I feared it would be. If you've ever banged your little toe on the side of your dresser or a table/chair leg (and who hasn't?) I assure you that hurts way more than getting a mammogram. My girls aren't very big so I can't say for sure if that makes a difference. But I went in there expecting serious pain but it wasn't anything worse than an uncomfy pinch.

This probably goes without saying but I'll say it anyway because finding a breast lump scared me. Most lumps are non-cancerous. And if it's painless and easily movable it's most likely a cyst. But definitely have your doc check it out. Don't let fear of getting bad news make you put it off. If it is cancer, the sooner it's caught the better. And the worrying and waiting is actually much more frightening than going through the tests.

Okay. Hope all this makes someone out there feel a little better about one of womanhood's rites of passage. And I've started working on part II of the comic - it's gonna be bigger than the Alien's left nut! Don't miss it! *snerk* Have a great Friday and thanks for reading.

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