September 14, 2003

Everything you ever wanted to know about anteaters!*

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*but were afraid to ask.

Hi everyone, my name's Jule and I'll be your host for tonight. Nicole told me to write an entry while she, Aph and Woodstock drool over the new anteater layout I've done for them.

So here I am trying to come up with a decent story, that won't scare all of Nicole's lovely readers (which would be you) off.
So I thought, why not share some pretty interesting facts about anteaters with you, since you'll see one everytime you drop by now.

- Many people worship anteaters, not only Nicole
- Anteaters live about 14 years in the wild; 25 years or more in captivity.
- The anteater has a very good sense of smell, so the poor guys always smell the farts of the ants. And ant farts smell pretty bad, believe me!
- Anteaters don't have teeth. Which is why they belong to the order of the Edentata. Edentata means having (-ata) no (e-) teeth (-dent-).
- Anteaters mark territory with anal gland secretions. The tamandua's scent is so strong that the natives have nick-named it "stinker of the forest." Maybe because they can't smell the ant farts?!?
- The tongue of the anteater, which can be up to an incredible 24 inches long, can flick out at 150 times or more a minute. Wouldn't you just love that ability on your boyfriend?
- The closest relatives to anteaters are sloths and armadillos

Hope you enjoyed yourself!

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