18 February 2007

Everything you wanted...

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Everything you wanted was everything I couldn't be. Everything I'll never be. I no longer regret not being who you were looking for, so how many more times are you going to get hurt and reach out to me in the hope of using my love as an emotional analgesic? There's no way in hell I'll ever stroke your ego again while you slash away at mine. You've long since used up my sympathy. You could self-destruct in front of me, pieces of you lying on the ground, and I'd just step over you to get my cup of coffee.

If you think that's cold then let me remind you of the way you wrote, spoke and touched nothing but lies to me for days that bled into weeks and months. Stay out of my life. I'll block every email address you create. You won't find my number. You don't get another chance to tear me up. Lie to me, use my comfort and support to boost your ego, fuck me and then look me in the eye and tell me it was a mistake once... shame on you. Shame on you.

The pieces of my heart that survived you no longer break at the thought of you being alone. If you're alone, there's one less person in this world being lied to, manipulated and used. Go to hell.

In far less emotional news, this is really cool: Pandora You enter the name of a band you like and they find similar music for you. I've noticed the past few years I really haven't discovered any new music. I love what I love and I really don't go out and buy something randomly on the off chance that I'll like it. (Which is too bad as that's how I discovered Blue Murder and Rusted Root back in the day.) So Pandora's a great way to find new music. Good stuff.

Saturday night is always the most insane at work. Tonight was no exception. I stayed an extra two hours since it was more insane than usual and finally clocked out at 1am this morning. I think the problems of weekend night shift could be solved by spraying a fine mist of liquid Valium onto the crowd. That or arm all of us with some strong sedatives in a dart gun. I kinda like that idea even better. "HEY! I saw that copy of The Marine first! GIVE IT! GIVE IT!" ::Phooof!:: ::THWACK!:: ::THUD:: Okay, move along now people. Nothing to see here. Yeah. I think I'll bring that up at the next staff meeting.

In still more news, party tomorrow night. The good kind. With J's patented Blue Raspberry, vodka and Red Bull drinks (we're still trying to think of a name for them - something descriptive and fitting for a seriously ass-kicking concoction). Not to mention getting lucky. Woo-hoo! Thank you various Presidents for giving us a holiday on Monday.

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading.

P.S. I have strep throat again. If you put my immune system under a scanning electron microscope you'd see it sitting around, smoking pot in its mom's basement and laughing at Tiny Toons until it snorts Pepsi out its nose.

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