20 September 2006


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I am still among the living! Between work, life and my craptacular health I've been seriously slacking off with my updates. Sorry about that. Nothing too exciting going on here. Wait. I tell a lie. As the lyrics I posted in my last entry hinted, there is the possibility of romance. And I'm trying not to run screaming in the other direction.

Because with men, no matter how casual and "It would be fun to hang out sometime." things start, they always seem to end the same way. I don't know what it is about me that makes guys want to start talking about forever. I'm cute, but I'm light years away from being the drop-dead gorgeous type. I need a ridiculous amount of space and time to myself. I make Finch sounds to my Finches, for Godssake! I don't know how in the hell that translates into guys wanting to propose. But they do. And then they hand me my heart on a platter when I buy into their "forever" crap and they freak out and change their minds.

I'm never the one to start talking about white picket fences and walks down the aisle. I do want those things, but only with someone who shares my views on relationships and sex. (And anyone who's been reading me long enough knows that I'm referring to. *wink wink nudge nudge say no more*)

I think I know what makes them reconsider. I'm too independent. I'm too non-traditional. I'm too stubborn. I'm too certain. I'm too unwilling to compromise. I'm just too me. Hell, I wouldn't want to be married to me. And the next time someone asks I'm going to tell them to ask me again in six months.

Anyway. This weekend is Delight's birthday and we're having the party at an ocean-front hotel. And Mike's going to be there (Mike being the potential romance, if he's got anything to say about it). So. Sand. Surf. My SPF 6,000,000,000 Sunblock. And who knows what else. Further reports as events warrant. heh.

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