04 September 2006

Steve Irwin

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February 22, 1962 - September 4, 2006

Animals have lost a good friend today. One of their most ardent protectors and one of the many voices who spoke out loudly for those who have no voice to speak for themselves.

I never met Steve Irwin, but he was one of my heroes. I have the book written about his life. I've read it so often that the pages have that soft, worn quality that makes a book feel like an old friend. The volunteer work I've down with animals is like a single drop of water compared to the Ocean of what he's done, but he is one of the people who inspired me to do it.

On my home page, there's the word-of-the-day, the comics, News of the Weird and the day's top news stories. Early this afternoon I was about to go check my email when a single line caught my eye: Croc Hunter killed by Stingray. When I first read it, I thought it must be a mean-spirited hoax. But then I visited his website, which has long held a spot in my favorites. There was a statement to the press by one of Steve's good friends. I knew then that, as surreal as it seemed, it was real.

I feel silly crying for someone I never even met, but Steve Irwin was someone I had always hoped to meet one day. And my heart goes out to his family.

Goodbye, Steve-O. You will be sadly missed.

Have a good night and thanks for reading.

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