20 August 2006

Come Down

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Open up and let me in
I was lucky to live, don't need to win
Forgave myself and if that's a sin
It's not enough you'd even know it
You did right to call my bluff
'cause i won't say when i have had enough
And i worked so hard to need this stuff
And you tried so long to just ignore it
Won't you come down where i am
Words are hidden, understand
I won't repeat myself again
I will not repeat myself again
It's another promise d.o.a.
And despite my every hope
There is no truth behind my best intentioned oath
Won't you come down where i am
Words are hidden, understand
Won't you come down
Been away too long, i know i have
Won't you come down, help me stand
There is healing in your hands
Won't you come down where i am
Words all leave me
Been away too long
I know i've been away too long
I know i have
-Toad the Wet Sprcket - Come Down

No matter what or how I'm feeling, there's always a Toad song that pours out the emotion far better than I could.

I must admit I'm a bit disturbed that when I searched for lyrics to one of my favorite Toad songs it directed me to Oldielyrics.com! What the hell? Led Zeppelin and Kansas are oldies. Not Toad the Wet Sprocket! That's as bad as the sudden appearance on VH1 of "We Love the 90s!" Dammit, the 90s weren't that long ago, people. It's way too early for nostalgia.

Time for work. Have a great day and thanks for reading.

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