August 15, 2004


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My neighborhood looks like a war zone. We lost part of the roof and about half our fence but we've got the fence back up already and are otherwise unscathed. We lost the power around 9pm on Friday and it returned about an hour ago tonight. This morning half the neighborhood was around the guy across the street's car listening to the news on the radio. They said it would be Wednesday before we had power again. So to have it suddenly burst back into life today was a blessed and unexpected relief!

The cell phones stopped working around the same time the power went so I haven't been able to get in touch with friends and check on their safety. The roads were too dangerous to drive very far. We saw stoplights and live wires in the roads. Our street signs have all been bent or broken. Trees were uprooted.

When Charley hit us, it was a category 4 storm. I've never seen, heard or felt anything like it. The storm shrieked and howled through the windowscreens and shook the walls of our house. The walls vibrated. We were not prepared for it to be that severe. It had an absolute and unrelenting power that's terrifying. I've heard people talk about storms like that, read about them in books, seen them in movies, but none of that prepared me for the real thing. Hurricanes are a primal force that you can do nothing to stop. That's what was so frightening. There was nothing to do, no way to be any safer. A couple of tornadoes touched down but thankfully missed my area.

It's amazing how much it affects you when you lose the everyday conveniences we all tend to take for granted. Walking around a convenience store that managed to open on Saturday morning, with no lights or cool air, buying warm juice, suddenly everyone was talking to each other. Comparing notes and offering help. Now that the lights are back, that surreality has disappeared and we'll all (gratefully) return to our separate lives. Still, it's nice to know that people can and do care about each other and want to help. Even strangers. But I don't long for a return to colonial camaraderie, and the charm of living by candlelight fades fast. I'll take the twenty-first century EVERY time.

I hope you're okay. You're in my prayers. The cell is still without service off and on but I'll call as soon as I can. All my sunshine state-ers, drop me a note when you can and let me know you're okay.

Have a good night and thanks for reading.

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