18 March 2007

I hate chain letters

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I've managed to be going strong for quite a while now. Working hard and playing harder. heh. All the work and play has caught up to me and I've got the flu. I'm in my jammies and drinking orange juice by the gallon. I signed on to check my mail and found something that made me even more nauseated than this flu.

What was it, you ask? I'm glad you asked. It was a chain letter. And even worse, the kind where the person lacked the common sense to cut and paste part of it rather than leaving all the various fwd's in place until the damned thing was half a mile long. I don't mind funny jokes or even cute stories. But I freaking loathe chain letters. It was a bunch of crap about wearing red or yellow and what that means about you and it had the usual crap of "Send this to 3 people and make a wish - and it'll come true in six and a half years." "Send this to 8 people and every morning for a month you'll wake up, have a great orgasm and get a check for $500 in the mail" - you know, the usual.

Now see... what I want to know is what happens if I print out your chain letter, wipe my ass with it, hunt you down like a dog and set both it and your stupid ass on fire? How many wishes do I get then?

*cough* You'll have to pardon me. The flu makes me cranky. Please scroll down to the little "Check out my content on AC" button. I just got my first article published. I'm less than thrilled with the typos but it's still cool to see it up there. It's basically a rough draft of the introduction to my book. I ended up going with something else entirely but still had that on my computer and I liked it too much to let it just gather virtual dust. Hope you like it too. And after you've read it, forward it to three people and all your wishes will come true. *snark*

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading.

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