03 May 2006


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It's always the smallest joys that light up my heart. At work today I offered to grab the windex and a roll of paper towels and go clean all our windows and ledges on the outside. I needed the peace. I really enjoy all the people I work with, but mine is a writer's solitary soul and I need a lot of time to myself. If I don't get that time I feel cranky, stressed and unhappy.

I stepped outside our cheery double doors and into the hot sunshine of a Florida afternoon. My mind gave a sigh of contentment and mulled over everything from my (final) birthday celebration this Monday night to the chapter of my book I'm working on currently to what sort of critter I want to adopt next. As lazy thoughts slid comfortably over me, I caught sight of something brightly colored in the periphery of my vision. A Monarch butterfly! I paused in my cleaning to watch it's happy travels and stretched my arm towards it. I didn't assume it would feel safe enough to light upon my fingers, but I couldn't resist trying. And for only the second time in my life, a butterfly honored me by resting on my fingertip. I stayed completely still, enchanted. My tiny friend folded her wings and rested. Less than a minute later, she was off again. I've yet to stop smiling.

I think maybe that visit was a kiss from Emily. A flash of color and joy to let me know she's happy. And so am I.

Have a great day and thanks for reading.

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