19 February 2006


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I learned something really interesting today. Butterflies don't poop! They do all their pooping as caterpillars. Once they metamorphosize into butterflies, they drink dew and nectar to maintain their water balance. If they happen to drink too much, they let out a fine spray that's composed of almost pure water. And where do they go when it rains? They fold their wings up tightly, which makes it easy for them to hide beneath rocks, fallen leaves, or anything else that makes for a safe, temporary shelter.

Everything about Butterflies speaks of their fragility. They can't leave their wings spread during a rainstorm because tattered wings could be lethal to them. The ones that you do see with wings that look as if they've seen better days are probably less than two weeks old. Their lifespan is roughly 14 days.

More than once, I've found one lying on the ground. Often on a busy sidewalk or in the middle of a parking lot. I can't stand to watch them struggle to keep out of the way of unseeing feet. So I've always scooped them up and held them in my hands. Sometimes they rest a while and then take to the skies once more. Sometimes they spend their last moments in the warmth of my hands.

Why create something so fragile and temporary? What's the point of a life begun and ended so suddenly? I don't know. But those lives mean something. They are not less for having lived such a short time. Not less real. Not less precious. Not less beautiful. Even the smallest of lives are infinitely valuable.

Have a good night and thanks for reading.

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