Dec. 20, 2001

Buy our products! Hate yourself!

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Okay, is there some sort of conspiracy going on to make everyone feel bad about themselves? While reading my email I noticed that I was being bombarded by one ad after another proclaiming that I can lose 10 pounds by January first, find the significant other of my dreams via an online dating service and use a tiny webcam to improve my life. All these ads claimed they could make me perfect. I don't want to be perfect. I love my imperfect self. I'm a good friend, a I laugh at least once every day. I'm nice to small lizards and I don't practice cannibalism. I'm so sick of the message we all receive every day that we're not good enough, not cool enough, not attractive enough. At least, not until we spend our money buying crap we don't really need.

The sad truth is that the media is terrified that you'll realize you can be happy without buying what they're selling. Don't buy into it. You don't need it. Let us all take a moment to lower our pants and shake our bare butts at the media. They can kiss our imperfect asses.

G'night. Sweet dreams.

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