01 April 2009


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How cute is this little guy? He's my god lizard. (I am his unscaly godmom). I got him for one of my best friends/playmates. He'd adopted an injured baby Bearded Dragon who didn't survive. I can't stand when someone I love is hurting and if there's any possibly way to "fix" it - then fix it I shall, dammit! Anyway, I found someone who needed homes for a clutch of 14 Dragon eggs that all hatched healthy little baby Dragons. I delivered him to his new home last Friday and he's doing great. His name is Loiosh:

Since it's going to be April and all and... uh... damn. Okay I can't think of a way to make this NOT seem like "Oooh! Buy me stuff!" so I'll just post a link and know that if you happen to visit Amazon and send me a goody I shall do a dance of joy and be forever grateful. Also - leave me a link to your wishlist in my notes please? I dig buying people random goodies because it rocks to get something in the mailbox besides bills and cease and desist orders. (Stupid FBI... don't they understand that Johnny Depp and I are soulmates!?)

Anyway here's the Magic Button:
My Amazon.com Wish List

Unfortunately I also have sad news to share. A very good friend of a friend of mine recently lost her two little boys. They were murdered by her ex-husband. This was a preventable tragedy. Her ex-husband had previously threatened to harm himself and the children. She'd asked the court to give him only supervised visitation rights. In spite of this and evidence that he was unstable and potentially violent, a judge still granted him unsupervised visitations. He murdered their two sons a few days ago and then killed himself. This petition calls for the judge's resignation. Please take a moment to look it over and sign if you feel it's the right thing to do.

Justice for Jack and Duncan

I don't believe that the judge acted out of malice but the fact that he ignored the evidence is indefensible. Our justice system continues to fail far too many people.

In other news, graduation is getting closer! May 31st I'll be a certified x-ray tech. And there was much rejoicing.

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