25 May 2006

Nooo, tooth! That's a baaad tooth!

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FUCK IN A BUCKET!!! They couldn't pull the tooth today. The abcess and infection has gotten worse, and it's gotten into the bone so I have osteomyelitis. They're going to do the extraction on Friday, June 2 under general anesthesia. They need to cut into my gum and also remove a small piece of my bone from my jaw so I can't be conscious for it. I got IV antibiotics today and I'll be getting them again as an out patient on Wednesday. I'm also on oral antibiotics (2,000mg a day for the next 7 days). After the surgery, I have to go back for more X-rays and bloodwork to be sure the infection hasn't spread further into the bone or to my heart. They're looking at me going back to work on June 10. Which BLOWS as far as my wallet is concerned.

Mom and I got a payday advance loan from Cash America, so we managed to make rent. And I'm lucky enough to be living with my mom, the one landlord guaranteed not to kick you out if you can't make the bills one month. But we do have to make payments on that loan, so I might be offline for a bit when my phone and 'net bill come due.

To try and manage the pain I'm on two Vicodin every four hours. Even that doesn't completely kill the pain, but it does make it bearable. I've got a high tolerance for pain, but this is the first time I've ever experienced nerve pain and Sweet Fancy Moses! It hurts so bad it actually made me cry. I haven't cried from physical pain since I was about four years old. But this is just miserable. I can't sleep, I can't work, I can't eat anything solie. Please feel free to send flowers, ice cream and monkeys. :P

Speaking of monkeys... in other news, you can legally adopt and own them monkeys in Florida if you have the license. So I'm getting my monkey license! You're supposed to have 1,000 hours of classroom learning but I have a friend in human resources at the zoo where I volunteer and he's back-dating the paperwork for me so that it looks like I've already completed them. I've read so many books on them that I got a 98% on the test he emailed to me. Which is the one you take after completing the classroom learning. And to think my grade school teachers thought it was a mistake to read books about animals when I was supposed to be studying my times tables! Heh. heh. heh.

Once I'm back on my feet, I'll get to start going to the zoo once a week and working with the trainers there to learn to handle and care for a monkey. I'll be adopting from a Squirrel Monkey Central Florida Zoo's program that finds homes for monkeys who were either injured or orphaned. Squirrel monkeys are known to be loving, good-natured pets. You can legally adopt ring-tailed Lemurs as well, but they tend to be extremely jealous and territorial - to the point where they will actually kill another pet that they feel is taking your attention away from them! So if you own one of those, it has to be your ONLY pet.

Looking on the bright side (eternal optimist that I am) I've got a lot of time now to work on my book.

I need a hug.

Have a great day and thanks for reading.

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