February 21, 2005

The best things in life...

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Please go and give my mollybean some hugs. She broke her leg, and she's also had to deal with a self-important little cretin of a department head who is in desperate need of a good ass-whupping.

Molly and I did a nude photo shoot while she was here in the sunshine state. I got a package from her in the mail and I've been too wrapped up in, if you'll forgive the crude analogy, getting butt-fucked by the IRS, to write her a proper thank you. I fully intend to remedy that this evening.

If you're lucky enough to have a friend who is an amazing artist and photographer, you totally need to have them take some naked black and white pictures of you. When I saw those pictures, it made me feel better about my body than I have in a long time. One of the things I love most about women's bodies are our soft curves. Women are works of art, and I see the women I love as the goddesses they truly are, whether they see it or not. But somehow, when it comes to my own body, I seem to lose my perspective and all I can see are all the ways that I fall short of pop culture's narrow definition of beauty. Seeing the pictures Molly took was like getting to see myself through someone else's eyes. Pop culture can eat me, man. I think I'm pretty damn cute.

Still dealing with the fallout of having my rapid refund rapidly vanish into the endless, greedy maw of my student loans. Lucky some of the best things in life are free. And I've definitely been enjoying some of the best things today. The lovely ghostiness and I have been swapping stories. Aph's been exceptionally snuggly today and Foof needed to have a spray-bath. I have the only bird in the world who steadfastly refuses to bathe. Put a nice container of water near that bird and she recoils! Funky bird. So I have to spray her down with Cockatiel bath spray every couple of weeks. She does not enjoy it. But it leaves her all soft, clean and fluffy. If it was up to the Foof, she'd happily live in her own funk. I snapped a quick picture of her just after she'd suffered the indignity of a spray-bath. Here she is, in all her damp-feathered glory:

Have a great night and thanks for reading.

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