24 November 2005

A visit from Aph

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Somehow, Aphrodite's strong, bright, beautiful little spirit has crossed the border that lies between us now to visit me. I woke up feeling the same crushing sadness and loss I've felt since my last night with her. And then out of nowhere I got this sudden rush of joy and love. This can't be my emotion. I've felt nothing but sadness.

Aph's small heart was always filled with immeasurable love and joy. And I think she's sharing some of that with me now. It broke my heart to see her suffering while she was still alive, and I think she's been watching over me, and seeing me so sad, felt the same way. And we both found a way, no matter the difficulty or the cost, to give each other comfort and peace when we needed it the most.

Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for reading.

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