22 November 2005


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I took Aphrodite to the vet this morning and she was in end stage heart failure. It was to the point where she was suffering and having to gasp for breath so the vet helped her leave this world.

They let me hold her the whole time, and for anyone who hasn't been through it and feels scared (I always was) it's very peaceful. They give them an anesthetic first. She fell asleep in my arms. I'm glad I stayed with her but FUCK it really hurts.

I'm sure Aph's beautiful, strong little spirit is already running joyously through fields with clear streams and milkbones that grow on bushes. I truly believe that she and I will be together again when my time comes.

God, it hurts so much. It feels like I'm broken. I want her back.

Thank you for reading and for loving Aph with me all these years. I know she'll be missed. Her fuzzy little life touched a lot of hearts.

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