July 21, 2003

The Anteater and I

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I am absolutely enchanted by the Anteater. Not only because we share a common, icky, six-legged natural enemy. I got to see him swimming today. First off, I had no idea Anteaters were so BIG! He's easily 4 feet long, and he's wide, too. He's got that incredibly endearing, long face. (and that long, sticky tongue that oodles out to snag some ants, God bless him!) Second, I had no idea they were such great swimmers. He was bearlike, treading water. He looked at me with these sweet, intelligent, blue eyes that sparkled with good humor. He pointed his rather large, rubbery black nose at me and made cartoonishly loud sniffing sounds.

When he naps, he tucks his nose underneath his long, fuzzy tail. His tail is long and bushy, grey and black. He delights me.

Have a great night and thanks for reading.

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