October 20, 2004

Incubus Dreams

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I finally got to see Van Helsing and I don't care what the critics say, I thought it was fantastic. And Dracula's brides can fly me off to a secluded castle and have their wicked way with me anytime.

I finished the newest Anita Blake novel, Incubus Dreams. I won't post any spoilers but it's definitely my favorite of the series so far. There's a lot of Nathaniel in this one, and you get to know him much better. Even Richard seems to get the stick at least partialy out of his ass this time around. (With apologies to the Richard fans.) I also picked up on something that made me really happy. In one scene Anita remarks that most of the older vamps (like Jean Claude) favor shorter women with a bit of curve to their hips, rather than the 6 feet-and-100-pounds supermodels of today and that it seems to her that most of us are living in the wrong century. Later on, she says that one of her holsters is uncomfortable unless she's wearing pants, because "my thighs touch when I walk, thank you very much!". Damn. How much do I love Laurell K. Hamilton!? The thought that my fictional heroine looks more like me than some Barbie doll makes me giddy. That's because I'm a huge geek.

I had such a nice day today with Aph. It was really nice out so we had a rousing game of "Git that Aph!" in the backyard and when she got tired, I brought the book I'm reading out to the porchswing. Aph slept on my lap while I read. That swing is good therapy. You're all invited to come and join us anytime. It's got shade from the sunshine and comfy cushions. There's just something about swinging away the afternoon, lost in a good book, with the warm weight of my snoozing doggy on my lap. You don't need drugs to feel euphoric. I think Charles Shultz was right when he said that happiness is a warm puppy.

Have a good night and thanks for reading.

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