25 July 2006

Health Insurance!

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And Lo! The new job began. And there was health insurance. And Nicole is still lying on the floor in a dead faint, a slip of paper with her group, plan and confirmation numbers still clutched in her disbelieving hand.

The shock has led to an inability to form a coherent entry. And also driven her to refer to herself in both the second and the third person. In the same entry. Which is almost impressive.

There is not only health insurance but also dental. And I may very well (Woo! First person! This entry ROCKS!) be the first new enrollee (is that even a word?) ever to thank the good folks at Aetna while actually crying. Because I really needed this. Having it feels like a weight lifted off me. The whole abcessed/infected tooth thing? At it's height? Put my life in jeopardy. I shit you not. And it got to that point because I had to keep putting off seeking care so many damn times because I couldn't afford it.

Health insurance. I love it. I wanna marry it and have its babies. That is all.

Apologies for another non-entry here. Things should settle down here soon. Thank you for sticking around. Have a great day and thanks for reading.

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