October 15, 2001

The ABC's of horror

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A is for ancient mummies and curses
B is for beguiling necronomicon verses

C is for cat... black cat, of course
D is for Demon on a nightmare horse

E is for Exorcist, gave us all a good scare.
F is for Fangs, pricking a throat unaware

G is for Godzilla, stomping cities in a rage
H is for horror, on screen and on page

I is for Insanity, the kind Great Cthulhu brings
J is these are Just a few of my favorite things

K is for klowns from outer space
L is for loathsome creatures that make your heart race

M is for monsters and fiends of all kinds
N is for Nicole and all her weird rhymes

O is for Oh, this ship's very old
P is for Pirate ghosts still guarding their gold.

Q is for Queen crying 'off with her head!'
R is for Reanimation, the walking dead

S is for slithering sea monsters and leeches
T is for Terror, in the 1950's on beaches

U is for universe and it's far, dark reaches
V is for Vampires and unholy screeches

W is for Werewolf, a hairy sort of scare
X is for X-Files, the truth is out there!

Y is for Yeti, he's not friendly or tame
Z is for Zombies, who want to eat your brain.

Happy Halloween! :)

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