July 20 2001


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My friend Pat's in the hospital again. They just moved her to the local hospital (the one where I work per diem) from a nursing home where she was getting rehabilitative therapy. She's gotten so thin. I bought her a card, some flowers, a book of crossword puzzles and a stuffed cat. She really misses her cat at home. She's in her 70's and her children are a bunch of ungrateful shits so her cat is really her family. I promised to stop in her house a few times while she's in the hospital, bring a book to read and sit with her kitty, give him some pats and attention. She's so sweet to be worrying about him when she's having such a rough time.

Every Monday she and I used to take a walk downtown. We'd windowshop, talk and laugh. We'd always stop in this one little diner for for hot chocolate with whipped cream and in the winter and root beer floats in the summer. She kept saying how much she missed that.

We had a nice, long visit today. She had me tell her funny stories while she kept throwing up. She's so funny. She's just amazing. She was worried that it would bother me that she was getting sick. She was throwing up laughing at my stories all at the same time. Which made us laugh. Then we'd get laughing about how only we could laugh at a time like that. I'm so glad that she and I can laugh and joke no matter what but I'm also glad that we can say "I love you" to each other.

The allergic reactions and other close calls I've had have taught me a lot about appreciating life. I never hesitate to tell friends I love them, whether they're sick or well. That's what it's all about, isn't it? The love that you give and the love you're blessed enough to receive in return.

On that note, I love you. You've touched my life and I feel blessed to have you as friends. Have a great night.

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