May 18 2001

Kissing Frogs

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Costa and I went out to breakfast at Friendly's and then to a pond where we caught frogs. Well, we caught one frog anyway, and we decided that was probably due more to the fact that it was slow and probably in it's late hundreds than to any skill on our parts. Big, happy old Bullfrog. He dared me to kiss it but I told him I heard that they don't turn into princes, they actually turn into the artist formerly known as Prince. So I kissed him instead. What am I doing? He hasn't changed. I still don't think we'd work out as a couple. Is it wrong that I just want some action? Some romance?

It's very quiet tonight. The kind of quiet that should properly be called ominous. The crazy neighbor kid's not skate boarding on the roof for once. No shit. He skatebords up there. And it's a two-story house. If he ever falls off, that'll be all she wrote. He's probably gone out bear baiting. Have a great night.

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