March 18 2001


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My hiking boots are muddy and there's a smile in my heart. It was nice enough to go hiking today! (52 degrees - Woo-hoo!) I took my Aphrodite with me. She loves to be outdoors so much she's my little hiking buddy. My friend Miles called me earlier, upset because his friend Larry called him a loser. Larry's opinion matters a lot to him. Too much. Especially since Larry's a complete dipshit. He's dated and broken up with girls according to Larry's whims. If Larry dubs something "uncool" then Miles takes it as the gospel truth.

I used to be the same way when I was younger. I was apologetic about the things I enjoy. Not anymore. I spent my Saturday night curled up in my chair with my doggy, my heating blanket (A Christmas gift a friend. It has a "Brain" that adjusts the heat to your body temperature. Because of that we call it Frankenblanket.) and my new book on microscopic parasties. My motto has always been: "I'd rather be happy than cool."

In other news, I bought some Girl Scout Thin Mints from the kid next door. Damn. Those things are like crack cocaine to me. One of these days the neighbors will find me passed out on my kitchen floor. Chocolate stains on my fingers. Dozens of empty boxes of thin mints around me. I'll be having some sort of chocolate-induced freak out. Claiming I saw god in my silverware drawer.

Have a great night!

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