Wednesday December 27

Aphrodite and the Doggy Coat Dilemma

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Aphrodite and I recently engaged in our annual winter battle. It's a little something we like to call the It's-cold-wear-the-doggy-coat battle. As is customary, I lost. You see, Aph isn't very big. She doesn't have much body fat. She loves to go out and romp in the snow but she gets cold and shivery and soon enough she puts her paws on my leg and looks up at me with those big eyes and I end up carrying her, usually snuggled up under my coat, back home. A couple winters ago I bought her a warm, wooly, rather attractive doggy coat. The next time we were going out for a walk I put it on her. She froze. She wouldn't move. I called her, offered her treats, even promised a ride in the car. She wouldn't so much as blink.

So I stood there, looking at the sudden statue of my dog. Figuring someone may as well get some fun out of the situation I lifted one of her paws and moved it over a few inches. There it stayed. She was like furry play-doh! Finally, I carried her outside. I set her down on the sidewalk and gave the leash a gentle tug. She rolled over onto her back, all four legs in the air like a dead bug. Have I mentioned yet that she's very dramatic? I'm sure she would've happily allowed me to drag her around the block like that, probably even chuckled to herself when I got strange looks from the neighbors, but I know when I'm licked - no pun intended. I carried my fuzzy drama queen back inside and took off the doggy coat. Freed from it's insidious spell, Aph bounced around and ran to the door, tail wagging. We took our walk. I carried her home. And thus was a tradition born. So... anybody want to buy a slightly used doggy coat?

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