December 24

Merry Christmas Eve!

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Merry Christmas Eve! Aphrodite is still acting odd since she had her haircut. Well, odder than usual. Whenever she gets a haircut, she scuttles along the floor like a hairy little cockroach and keeps dashing behind chairs, pillows, my legs, whatever's handy. She looks at me like "Why didn't anyone ever tell me I'm naked!? Can I get a pair of pants over here?" Aph's pretty complex. I don't know sometimes what goes on in that furry mind of hers. She has a relationship with the dryer that nobody but the two of them will ever truly understand. She'll sometimes go sit next to it, leaning on it and looking content. She also enjoys stalking the guinea pig (who is safe inside her wire house). She'll crouch down, scoot across my bedroom carpet like a snake, and then pop up in front of Woodstock's house. Woodstock doesn't seem to mind, sometimes she'll purr when she sees her and sometimes she'll kick guinea pig pellets at her. I love my fuzzy ones and their weirdness. They get that from me, you know. Heh.

I hope your Christmas is filled with good food, good feelings and good friends. Merry Christmas.

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