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I don't ever want to look at another Pumpkin pie. Hope everyone had a good holiday. Today's the biggest shopping day of the year (which is a damn good reason to stay in tonight). I Somehow I think the spirit of the season is better enjoyed with a hot cup of French Vanilla Cocoa in your warm house, rather than by driving among the lunatics and fighting your way through the sale-crazed masses in the stores. Don't get me wrong...I love Christmas shopping. I just think they should have Valium spraying throughout the malls today in a fine, liquid mist.

My doggy, Aphrodite, is diabetic. I'm glad I recently did some time in nursing school. I have to give her an injection of Insulin twice a day. The first vet I took her to was so damn negative. He said that giving her insulin injections and monitoring her blood sugar would be "too much work" and require me to adjust my own schedule in order to keep her healthy. As if she wasn't worth my inconvenience. Stupid fucker. I love Aph. Caring for her and helping her stay healthy will never be an inconvenience to me. She gives me unconditional love. How could I give her anything less? Her new vet, though, was really good with her. He talked to her during her whole exam and struck me as a genuinely nice guy who really cares about animals. So if anyone out there discovers a furry member of the family has diabetes please don't let anyone tell you that it's hopeless because it's not.

Have a good night.

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